Prayer Team

During the Summer of 2009, the prayer ministry, comprised of four teams of 100 people was assembled. Teams were assembled to be ready to ‘stand in the gap’ with all those gathered, to help in the construction of the new worship center. The assembling of prayer teams will be for the purpose of Intercessory Prayer and Prayer for Healing.When the Apostle Paul could not speak encouragement to the church, he prayed that the Holy Spirit would carry on the same work within the believers. He knew that Satan’s temptations would invariably aim at the faith of the Christian. This knowledge caused him to do more than teach. He interceded for the believers so that they would be empowered by the Spirit of greater faith. In essence, Intercessory Prayer, touches God with one hand, while reaching out to those being prayed for with the other.

The Prayer Team meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. For more information, please contact Pastor David Schultz.

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