Matters of Importance

We have multiple ways for our congregation to celebrate, live, and share the abundant life of Jesus Christ. Learn how you can get involved in upcoming events at St. John with the Matters of Importance.

Pray for POBLO
People of the Book Lutheran Outreach (POBLO) is a mission agency dedicated to reaching Muslim people with the Good News of Jesus Christ through a number of ways. One of those is through establishment of Friendship Centers – places where interested persons come to learn about sewing, cooking, and English as a Second Language classes. We are focusing on POBLO this month as our mission emphasis and invite your prayers for this important front-line ministry. We anticipate having an interest meeting in the future about possible involvement in the POBLO mission effort. Please make this a matter of your prayers – that God will lead people to faith in Jesus through the POBLO ministry. Contact Pastor Bahn for more information.

Gearing Up for Vacation Bible School
Monday, February 27 | 7:15 p.m. | CLC 101
Does a spreadsheet “spark” your nerdiness for organization? Or does a paintbrush in your hand make you “buzz” with excitement? Are you wanting to “get out of your shell” a little more with your St. John family? Join us as our VBS Leadership Team explains our next steps and how you can help! Contact Amy Clifford with questions.

Fat Tuesday on Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper
Wednesday, March 1 | 5:30-6:45 p.m. | Worship Center
The Elders of St. John are hosting our annual “Fat Tuesday on Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper.” They will be serving: pancakes & syrup, breakfast sausage, fresh fruit, milk, tea and coffee. Bring a friend and join us!

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