Matters of Importance

We have multiple ways for our congregation to celebrate, live, and share the abundant life of Jesus Christ. Learn how you can get involved in upcoming events at St. John with the Matters of Importance.

Talk to My Friends About Baptism
So, you’ve been baptized. GREAT! But are there people you know that haven’t? Would you like a little help in connecting to them? Check out these videos on how to have this important conversation with people you’re closest tot. These next few weeks in worship you’ll hear about this emphasis as we look ahead to Easter and the wonderful connection of Easter to Baptism as St. Paul writes about in Romans 6. If you would like more information, contact Steve Saunders or check out

Easter Worship Welcome Team
You can have a major impact in peoples’ lives this Easter through small but intentional, knowledgeable, and purposeful acts of kindness and service. In order to help you do just that – and because we are having five services (6:30, 8, 9, 9:30 & 11 a.m.) this Easter, we invite all members of St. John to help make St. John a place of welcome and hospitality for members and guests alike. Sign up at the Welcome Center or email Jordan Even.

St. John Connects
Sunday, March 26 | 4-6:30 p.m. | Worship Center 101
This one-night Bible Study offering an introduction to St. John’s mission, Celebrating, Living and Sharing the Abundant Life of Jesus. Our pastors and staff lead this event several times a year for all people who wish to become members of St. John—whether by transfer from another LC-MS congregation, by adult confirmation or by affirmation of faith. Childcare is provided. To register for the class, contact Pastor Bahn’s Assistant, Suellen Denis.

Better Than The Bunny – The Way To Jesus
Saturday, April 15 | 9-11 a.m.
Booth Host: Although we have some booths being planned, we would like to have three more – think Trunk or Treat with a VBS feel! We have several resources and a planning sheet to get you headed in the right direction!
Greeters/Volunteers: We will need lots of joy-filled Christians welcoming, directing, and praying. This is going to be a game-playing, jelly bean-filled, good time with children carrying their Easter baskets with ears ready to hear The Good News! Please begin praying for open hearts to Jesus and help us be a light for Jesus for a couple of hours that Saturday. Email Amy Clifford with questions or to sign up!

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