Our teachers are well prepared to help your child grow and learn. We are dedicated to the Christ-like values our school represents. Our teachers “team-teach” and work together to plan centers and classroom activities.

Christian Curriculum | Integrating faith into the school day is the main focus of our school. Our religion curriculum, One in Christ, is Christ-centered to provide children with the opportunity to grow in faith and life with God. A Christian atmosphere of approval and nurturing provides opportunities for creative growth experimentation and development of the individual child. Read More

Academic Curriculum
| The Letter People develops oral language, phonological awareness, and letter identification in a developmentally appropriate hands-on interest setting. The Letter People puppets,songs, and stories stimulate the imagination and draw children into the learning process. The Letter People uses a thematic approach that focuses on phonemic awareness, language, science, math, and social skills. Small and large motor skills are all integrated into the lessons. For a full explanation of Academic Curriculum, click here.

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