Studying God’s Word on a regular basis is a key element to balanced discipleship. Studies are offered on Sundays and throughout the week to strengthen our knowledge of God and what He has done for us.

The Gospels | Christian Life Center 101 | Led by Diane Bahn & David Steele
A chronological and thematic study of Jesus’ life and ministry.

The End Times | Worship Center 101 | Led by Pastor Schultz
In the last 25 years of American History, we have witnessed a growing interest in various aspects of Biblical prophecy. Public awareness of such end-time topics as the millennium, rapture and Armageddon has been heightened through the preaching of television evangelists plus the books and movies “Left Behind” series. Rather than provide hope in Christ alone, such teachings on “last things” has led to confusion and doubt about what God’s true plan is for His children of faith.

The Study of John | Children’s Ministry Center 15 | Led by Jim Vogt
The Gospel of John was written by the Apostle John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  The Gospel of John is an eyewitness account of the life and teachings of someone who was very close to Jesus.  Luther states: “From the very beginning the evangelist teaches and documents most convincingly the sublime article of our holy Christian faith according to which we believe and confess the one true, almighty, and eternal God.”  Our study will use the Life by His Word study guide based on the Lutheran Study Bible.

College-Age Ministry | Worship Center 102
Join us as we participate in theological discussions where questions about God and His intersection with our lives are discussed. We’ll go deeper into the Sunday sermon as well.

Wednesdays | 9:30 a.m. (Worship Center-101)
Joyful Seekers–A weekly Bible Study on various books of the Bible

Saturdays | 8 a.m. (Worship Center 101)
Men’s Bible Study–encourages men to sharpen each other in God’s Word.

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