Studying God’s Word on a regular basis is a key element to balanced discipleship. Studies are offered on Sundays and throughout the week to strengthen our knowledge of God and what He has done for us.

The Gospels | Children’s Ministry Center 8 | Led by Diane Bahn & David Steele
A chronological and thematic study of Jesus’ life and ministry.

The End Times | Children’s Ministry Center 14 | Led by Pastor Schultz
In the last 25 years of American History, we have witnessed a growing interest in various aspects of Biblical prophecy. Public awareness of such end-time topics as the millennium, rapture and Armageddon has been heightened through the preaching of television evangelists plus the books and movies “Left Behind” series. Rather than provide hope in Christ alone, such teachings on “last things” has led to confusion and doubt about what God’s true plan is for His children of faith.

Romans: The Letter That Changed the World | Chapel | Led by Richard Kolodziejcyk & Darrell Wehlmann
The most important idea in the Bible is how a Holy God can get a sinful man into Heaven and not compromise who He is. Romans tell us just that! It sits as Master of the House before all of Paul’s writings. It is the Bible in miniature. It is the most important singular document ever penned by man and only inspiration could make it so. In our study in Romans we will look at Paul’s unfolding logic and incisive reasoning as to the divinity and holiness of the Christian gospel. When this book has been understood, reformation and new life follow shortly. Romans is set at just the perfect pace for any Christian who wants to understand the most central book in the Bible.  

The Book of Isaiah | Children’s Ministry Center 15 | Led by Jim Vogt
Using the Life by His Word companion resource for the Lutheran Study Bible we will next study the Book of Isaiah, the most often quoted prophet in the New Testament.  Written 700 years before Christ and set in a time of affluence, idolatry, and growing indifference to God’s Word, Isaiah prophesies of the coming of the Messiah in amazing detail.  He also foretold of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people which would occur over 100 years after his prophesy.  Of Isaiah Luther said: “He does his greatest work comforting and upholding a people yet to be.”

Parent Connections | Ministry Center Library | Led by Matt & Dana Bahn
It’s difficult being a parent. The pressures of work and the frantic pace of our culture create anxiety and fatigue. As parents we want to become more effective, but sometimes we aren’t sure how. Join us on Sunday morning as we discuss the many topics that come along with parenting from discipline, to internet safety, to the glorious time period called teenage-hood. Parents of any age and stage will find a place to connect during the Sunday School hour. Parents helping parents. That’s what it’s all about. “A place where everyone knows your name and is glad you came.

Focus Group Gathering | Worship Center 101 | Led by Pastor Doria

College-Age Ministry | Worship Center 102
Join us as we participate in theological discussions where questions about God and His intersection with our lives are discussed. We’ll go deeper into the Sunday sermon as well.

Wednesdays | 9:30 a.m. (Worship Center-101)
Joyful Seekers–A weekly Bible Study on various books of the Bible

Saturdays | 8 a.m. (Worship Center 101)
Men’s Bible Study–encourages men to sharpen each other in God’s Word.

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