By the grace of God, St. John is a rapidly growing congregation with a dynamic blend of members from a variety of backgrounds. One of the strengths of this congregation is the willingness to help those who cross our threshold feel at home. We are grateful for the people of God who founded this congregation over 160 years ago; for those lifelong members who have endured all the changes we have seen over the years -including a move to this location; and for those God has recently brought to us and will still bring to be a part of our church family to advance his kingdom in this place.

Many people in our community first hear about St. John through our school. Our current enrollment is almost 300 with 70 teachers and staff. Our school, which has classes for children from 18 months through Bridge, is accredited with the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation and a state-licensed facility.A large number of our members did not grow up Lutheran. Some in that group first came to faith as adults. All of us at St. John are on a journey through life called faith, and this journey will not end until we enter the glory of heaven. Along the way we know that circumstances of life may result in personal detours at times. We are confident that we will reach our destination though, because we know the Way – Jesus Christ our Lord – and we follow the map he left for us in his holy Word.We welcome you to become a part of our church family and help us make new history for the advancement of His Kingdom.

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