God Connects

Celebrate, Live, and ShareThroughout the year, we will hold Adult Bible Studies that teach our beliefs in God and the Abundant Life he has given us through His Son, Jesus.

God Connects
This course in Christianity is for those interested in connecting more deeply with God, and learning how we Lutherans express and teach the Christian faith. We are also challenging all those who are not currently involved in a Sunday morning Bible class to join us for this 6-week study. Contact Pastor Doria for more information.

St. John Connects
Following the God Connects class, people will be invited to come to St. John Connects class. This is a one-night Bible study led by our Pastors and staff for all who wish to become members of St. John Lutheran Church. We will receive new members at this events. To register for St. John Connects please contact Suellen Denis.

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